On-Demand Webinar: Speed Development of the Most Complex Integrations with Outsystems

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What is an app without data? Not much of an app at all. Today, an app’s value is primarily derived from its connections to data. The challenge is that integration with enterprise data sources is often a lot easier said than done.

The integration process is, most of the time, still very manual since it usually requires reading documentation and installing components...

Slack: The Digital-first Toolkit


Organisations of all sizes, across all industries, are embracing the current moment to reinvent the way we work.

Some will remain fully remote, some will anchor to an office, and many will employ a hybrid model. But the common denominator among those leading the charge is a “digital-first” approach.

“Digital first” doesn’t mean “never in person.” It’s about empowering people to work when and where it’s best for them. Offices are just one of our tools...

Overcoming the Challenges of Testing in Secure Environments

Building and testing software in secure environments is uniquely challenging. Projects can be top secret, teams often work in silos, and quality standards are sky-high and unwavering. Simply put, there is no margin for error when lives and national security are at stake.

Various structural and technological factors present obstacles that can make using the most modern tools and methods difficult.

Advances in test automation have made it easier to hit quality goals and...

Automate Testing for Point-of-Sale Systems with Eggplant

Retail point-of-sale (PoS) systems continue to evolve from a customer convenience to an operations efficiency and market-shaping necessity. Today’s PoS systems need to interact seamlessly across a wide range of device configurations, serving a wider range of PoS application features, and interacting with a wider range of cloud-based back-office systems. And in retail, response times are measured in milliseconds-to-seconds for every transaction.

Find out how to automate testing...

On-Demand Lacework Webinar: Moving From Devsecops To Secdevops: Reducing Risk, Streamlining Processes And Driving Productivity

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In 2020 we saw IT budgets plummet , however it is predicted that 2021 is going to be a bumper year for IT investment, with Gartner predicting that spending will hit $3.9 trillion this year, a 6.2% increase on 2020.

For many organisations, the cloud makes big promises to enable teams to move at speed, scale and agility. The reality is that operational challenges take over,...

How Zendesk uses Slack

When technology is the core of your business, managing risk is a 24/7 concern.

There are the big, infrastructural risks, like a complete outage of a cloud region. There are the bugs that might slip through and impact the customer experience. There’s the risk your data might be leaked, stolen or otherwise compromised. And for platform companies like Zendesk, there’s also the risk of fraud and abuse. Spammers using the platform to send mass unwanted emails. Brand impersonators,...

Modern incident response: How companies use Slack for faster resolution and less stress

Whether it’s a fast-growing 2,000-person company like Iress or a Fortune 50 company like Target, Slack offers employees a central source of truth to easily navigate high-pressure scenarios. Employees have one tool for everything, removing the burden of redundant email chains, endless games of phone tag, and isolated applications that don’t speak to each other.

This whitepaper outlines how customers use Slack for faster resolution, less stress, and fewer repeat...

How Slack’s own developers use Slack: Best practice from engineering teams

As a company with engineering teams of its own looking to realize the full value of Slack in everything they do, Slack thought it made sense to turn the spotlight on itself. So here’s the story of how Slack’s developers use Slack every day.

Every team is different, so what works for us won’t necessarily work for everyone. But read this whitepaper for some insights about engineering teams’ use of...