Research: One in four people learnt to code during COVID-19 lockdown

Some people who found themselves with extra time during the COVID-19 lockdown put it to good use.

Research from digital transformation firm BoxBoat suggests that around one in four people spent time learning coding languages during the lockdown.

The most commonly learned programming language was Python, followed by Java and C++.

The greatest motivations for people setting out to improve their skills were career development (55%), personal development (46%),...

Google and Apple will deploy COVID-19 contact-tracing as lockdowns begin lifting

Google and Apple have partnered up to develop interoperable contact-tracing that will deploy to Android and iOS devices over the coming months.

With the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to decline in many countries, or at least plateau, the conversation is now shifting towards how lockdowns can be safely lifted to avoid a “second wave” of the killer virus.

Contact-tracing apps log all the people a person passes in the street using Bluetooth. If that person is diagnosed...