Analysis shows the 16 most in-demand programming skills

Analysis shows the 16 most in-demand programming skills
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A new analysis highlights the most in-demand programming skills looked for by employers as we begin the new decade.

Nick Kolakowski, a writer for Dice Insights, analysed data from Burning Glass – an analytics software company providing real-time data on job trends – and found that most job postings in the past 30 days wanted SQL skills.

Here’s the full breakdown of desired programming skills by job postings in the past 30 days:

  • SQL (56,272)

  • Java (48,949)

  • Software Development (44,633)

  • Software Engineering (35,898)

  • Python (34,426)

  • JavaScript (33,619)

  • Linux (28,562)

  • Oracle (24,218)

  • Microsoft C# (20,068)

  • Git (18,573)

  • C++ (14,395)

  • .NET (14,359)

  • UNIX (14,302)

  • SQL Server (14,299)

  • Agile Development (12,730)

  • Debugging (11,835)

  • XML (11,699)

  • OOAD (11,402)

Separate data, collected by Yell Business, recently highlighted the difference in salaries which developers are offered around the world (adjusted for the cost of living).

Developers in China are the biggest winners, benefiting from an adjusted salary of around £55,352. The unadjusted salary (£34,318) is lower than many countries but so is the cost of living in China.

Here in the UK, developers receive an average salary of £32,286. This ranks it fifteenth in Yell's list of 25 countries.

The cost of living in the US is high, but so are the average salaries to compensate. The US ranks third in Yell Business' list with adjusted earnings of £43,382, just behind Saudi Arabia's £45,889.

You can find Yell Business' full rankings here.

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