How to ensure your security tools work with testing for security validation

How to ensure your security tools work with testing for security validation
An incurable evangelist of cloud security, data protection and cyber risk awareness, Asim Rahal is a Detroit-based independent IT service provider.

Realising that your security systems have vulnerabilities after a cyber-attack could significantly damage both your company’s reputation and profit. If your organisation or company is online and digital, security systems might be in place, but you might not be sure they truly work.

A good security validation approach is based on testing current cybersecurity with tools that can save your company from major financial losses and data leakage.

Is your business likely to be a target?

There is a misconception that hackers and hacktivists target exclusively larger corporations and high-profile individuals. People and companies of those similar profiles tend to be common victims of cybercrimes, but there are also exceptions that occur more frequently than one would think.

Small business owners often neglect their cybersecurity management altogether because they assume they are not likely to be the victim of cybercrimes. The 2019 Data Breach report suggests otherwise with 43% of all cyberattacks are targeting smaller companies.

Most small businesses (in fact 60%) that didn’t have proper cybersecurity measures in place and suffered a cyberattack, consequently lost their businesses in less than seven months following the attack.

Lack of proper cybersecurity when it comes to smaller businesses makes them an easy target for hackers and cybercriminals.

Therefore, the question is not if your company will suffer from some sort of digital attack but when will that happen – regardless of its size.

Cybersecurity in this day and age is certainly not something for business – big or small – to cut corners on.

Testing for security validation

As mentioned earlier, you might already have some security systems and tools that protect your company. However, if you haven’t suffered a cyberattack, you can’t be sure that the strategy put in place will work. There is also an overwhelming number of security products and new cybersecurity technology to choose from making it somewhat overwhelming if you aren’t an expert in the field.

Available tools that protect your organisation and sensitive data may trace and account for some frequent vulnerabilities and give you valuable data and that also determine the next step in your security.

Cybersecurity companies can go even further security-wise, and give you real security validation report by simulating various cyberattacks.

A Security validation is the result you get after subjecting your systems to the most common cyber threats. Companies conduct such tests to determine any overlooked vulnerabilities of your existing cybersecurity tools.

Tests to uncover security validation give any business quantifiable data on what would occur in case of cyberattacks and breach of security.

It is assuring to know that the set protective systems of your company are valid and operative.

Therefore, security validation is different from your existing security systems because it doesn’t only identify malicious codes, malware, or cyberattacks. Instead, companies use the library of attacks that is constantly updated with relevant information.

Can you conduct a validation test yourself?

It is not likely that the average Joe could conduct similar research. This is because the tests that cybersecurity companies simulate are dangerous cyberattacks, such as DDoS that damage businesses for millions.

Tests are done in a secure environment that can’t cause any real damage to your business. It is a way to collect data to discover the level of your security systems as well as their quality if any similar attacks occur.

Moreover, the technology used by cybercriminals to attack their targets is continually evolving and getting more efficient and dangerous. Hackers and hacktivists also tend to work together and the internet enables them to be connected and thus even more dangerous.

Companies that test cybersecurity systems have that in mind, and apply any new techniques hackers could utilise to damage your business.

Even experts can take up to three months to detect cyberattacks. For inexperienced individuals who are not sure what they are looking for – it might take years.


Security validation is an assuring cybersecurity technique that will give you an extensive report on what could happen in the event of any common cyberattacks.

Each organisation is different, and some strategies might not be successful in protecting your business, even if it worked for other companies. Additionally, existing security is put to the test and your organisation gets relevant data on what would happen in the case of the potential cybersecurity breach.

Regardless of the size, any business can fall victim to the extensive list of the cybercrimes that occur daily, and having foolproof security is now more important than ever before.

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