How to easily integrate real flight and travel data into any app

How to easily integrate real flight and travel data into any app
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Sponsored The statistics around online travel show that users are particularly used to the app experience. A study carried out last year found that 58% of the more than 950 end travellers polled said they preferred apps to search for flights. 53% said they preferred apps to search for accommodation.

Whether you work in travel, are a developer interested in the industry or an entrepreneur looking for their next idea, it is an interesting market to explore. Through apps there are more opportunities for travellers and more services than ever which could be explored.

At Amadeus, we describe this largely untapped and dynamic destination services marketplace as Destination X, and recently conducted a study which explored the role mobile and other emerging digital channels will play to help travellers in their journey.

If you’re looking to create an app, however, one thing you will need to add is real-time data to make sense of all the opportunities it affords. The recent Amadeus for Developers set of APIs, which can be accessed for free for development purposes right now, is easy to scale usage for production and business purposes.

What is Amadeus for Developers?

Amadeus for Developers is an open innovation program aiming at facilitating the links between the innovation ecosystem and Amadeus to foster co-creation, quick exploration of new ideas, and boost cross-industry collaboration.

What are its advantages for any developer or entrepreneur?

  • All Amadeus APIs are available at a single point of entry, where all the resources a developer may need to code with Amadeus APIs are at the users’ fingertips
  • Amadeus provides a new set of REST/JSON APIs, which allow innovators to start testing Amadeus data and functionalities in less than 3 minutes
  • Developers can use the free calls in the test environment to prototype new apps at zero cost and can benefit from a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme once they’ve moved to the production environment

The program enables developers to create new business ideas by providing 2 different types of access to the Amadeus APIs:

  • Amadeus for Developers Self-Service APIs offers quick and easy connection to a new catalog of REST/JSON APIs, as well as fast processes to have an app ready to be launched to the market quickly
  • Amadeus for Developers Enterprise APIs provides a tailored service, including APIs based on SOAP/XML technology, to leading travel brands who want to create their own applications

Amadeus for Developers is part of an ongoing effort to open Amadeus technology to the innovation ecosystem. Thanks to a brand-new set of APIs and new processes to get access to them, developers and innovators working with Amadeus are able to play, innovate and launch new applications to the market in a quick and easy way.

All Amadeus APIs are now available at one single point of entry, the Amadeus for Developers portal. This new portal provides tools to code with Amadeus APIs, best-in-class API reference, and all information about the Amadeus for Developers activities, like events, API releases or technical tips for using the APIs.

Access in three minutes

To keep up with developers’ needs and remove barriers to the innovation process, the portal provides a seamless onboarding process. Developers can start building their apps with real data in less than three minutes.

In the test environment, they can enjoy a monthly free call quota, large enough to prototype a new app at zero cost. When users move their apps to the production environment, they will keep the free monthly quota and will start paying only when they reach their monthly threshold.

Naturally, innovators will want to start testing their apps with real users very soon. Once a developer is ready to test their app, he/she can move their application to the production environment automatically.

Self-Service APIs users are charged for the number of API calls they do per month based on a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme. Therefore, you will know exactly what you will be paying at the end of the period, with no surprises.


Self-Service APIs have been specially designed for independent developers, startups and those who are new to the travel industry. These REST/JSON APIs offer rich travel data and functionalities covering flight, hotel, utilities and other types of data. However, this is only the beginning.

The Self-Service API catalog will evolve in the future adding more APIs and features.

All resources developers need to create a successful travel app are at users’ fingertips on the Amadeus for Developers portal. Along with these new APIs, our Developer Advocacy team has delivered a full set of guides, code samples, and SDKs, covering the most used programming languages, to produce a great developer experience and help them to implement their code very quickly.

Delighting developers

Hundreds of developers have started to explore the new Self-Service APIs. The Amadeus for Developers team, especially its developer advocates, is cooperating closely with the developer community to unleash the potential of the new Self-Service APIs.

Developers are encouraged to share questions, feedback and use cases so we can help them grow path-breaking applications. They’re also encouraged to generate and share code based on Self-Service APIs via open communities, so other innovators can reuse it.

The program developer advocates are spreading the good word about the Self-Service APIs, collecting feedback from the community and applying their learnings to constantly improve the service. They are taking part in events, hackathons and meetups, and meeting developers to get their views on Amadeus APIs.

If you want more information about the Amadeus for Developers APIs and program, please take a look at these resources:

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