Amazon ‘Moments’ provides real-life rewards for in-app actions

Amazon ‘Moments’ provides real-life rewards for in-app actions
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Amazon has launched a new API called ‘Moments’ which allows developers to reward users performing high-value actions with real-life gifts.

Moments leverages Amazon’s position as the world’s largest retailer. It’s perfect for developers wanting to offer their most-valued users more tangible rewards without having to deal with the hassle involved with shipping gifts.

The company’s global reach means products are shipped out from local warehouses in 100+ countries to users quickly. For both developer and user, the process is seamless.

Some of the most well-known apps like TikTok, Sesame Workshop, Washington Post, Sony Crackle, Bravo, USA TODAY, Sago Mini, and Bell Canada have already integrated the API.

"Moments allowed us to award prizes without the burden of storing or shipping the items, using just a quick and easy integration," said TikTok. "We were able to quickly test and optimise campaigns to resonate with our global platform."

In a world increasingly concerned about privacy, one of the best things about Moments is it does not require the developer to share any of their customers’ personal data.

Developers can get started with Moments using just a quick server-side API call. Amazon claims it took developers less than a week on average to complete and test Moments integration.

A/B tests allow developers to customise their campaigns. In the console, it's possible to set up multiple campaigns to find the ideal mix of CPA, actions, and rewards.

In a blog post, Amazon examples how companies across various industries have achieved success with moments:

“A streaming video service ran a Moments campaign offering $10 worth of physical rewards and doubled the likelihood of winning back a subscriber.

An entertainment app and website increased their average daily users by 291% and their daily chat messages by 79%.

Another developer saw a 97% lift in D30 retention and a 43% lift in average daily revenue 30 days post-campaign in their new user cohorts.“

Providing real-life gifts represents a unique and interesting way to boost retention. Flexible CPA pricing ensures that costs won’t exceed a customer’s lifetime value.

"We are increasingly seeing marketers dedicate advertising spend to keeping their existing customers engaged,” said Aaron Rubenson, Vice President at Amazon. "With Moments, we've made it easier for marketers to reward customers for taking meaningful actions, boosting engagement in a cost-effective way.”

The API is available for Android, iOS, FireOS, web, and more.

You can find the full documentation for Moments here.

(Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash)

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