Amazon releases a dedicated API for childcare gadgets

Amazon releases a dedicated API for childcare gadgets
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Amazon has released a new API which helps Alexa developers build applications for childcare-focused devices.

The aptly-named Baby Activity Skill API will allow things such as logging the latest diaper change. For parents who work shifts at different hours, this could be useful to ask Alexa for the latest change without having to disturb the other person at work.

“With the Baby Activity Skill API, you can build Alexa skills and that enable your customers to easily log and query activity information using just their voice,” wrote June Lee, a data engineer at Amazon, in a blog post.

Current interfaces supported by Amazon’s API include:

  • Weight

  • Sleep

  • DiaperChange

  • InfantFeeding

Here are some sample requests a user could ask:

“Alexa, track a dirty diaper change for Jane Alexa”

“Alexa, log a 3 ounce bottle for Jane”

“Alexa, start nursing from the left”

“Alexa, when was Jane’s last diaper change?”

Amazon promises additional interfaces will be added in the future.

Xavier Launay, Founder & CEO at Baby Connect, said:

“With this new capability, parents will be able to easily record events hands-free and have rapid access to the information.

Our initial tests show an increase in engagement from the parents who use the Baby Activity skill for Alexa.”

Amazon says it focused on making the API simple to minimise development effort.

Ken DeLong, VP of Software Engineering at Hatch Baby, commented:

"Implementing the Baby Activity Skills API was straightforward and provides a lot of value to customers by making it easier for them to interact with our skill.

The API does of the heavy lifting in handling the user interaction model, so that our code became very straightforward to implement."

The Baby Skills API is currently available in the US. Full documentation on how to get started is available here.

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