Google adds Smart Reply and Language Identification APIs to ML Kit

Google adds Smart Reply and Language Identification APIs to ML Kit
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Google has announced the addition of ‘Smart Reply’ and ‘Language Identification’ APIs to its ML (Machine Learning) Kit.

Until now, the APIs in ML Kit have focused predominantly on camera-based machine learning processing. The latest additions begin to unlock the many other possibilities for machine learning.

Smart Reply provides the same features that you may be familiar with in some of Google's products like Gmail and Android Messages. As the name suggests, it can provide logical responses to a received message based on the previous ten.

The Language Identification API is also fairly self-explanatory from its name. Impressively, it can identify 110 different languages from just a few words.

On both iOS and Android, Google claims the response time for the Language Identification API is just 1-2ms. This allows detection to be made with no experience impact to a user.

All of the processing for both APIs is done locally on-device meaning no connection is needed. The current, or higher, versions of the ML Kit SDK. Are required to access the new APIs (9.0 on iOS, and 4.1 on Android).

You can read the official Smart Reply API docs here, or likewise for the Language Identification API here.

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