Mercedes-Benz provides an API for its connected vehicles

Mercedes-Benz provides an API for its connected vehicles
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Daimler-owned automotive giant Mercedes-Benz has launched a new API for its connected vehicles.

The API provides access to some data and features of the supported vehicles. On the data side, developers can request access for things such as vehicle location, fuel level, and tyre pressure.

For obvious safety reasons, developers cannot access things such as steering control. However, they can have control of some features — such as the locking/unlocking of door locks — if required by the application.

Ultimately, Mercedes-Benz believes that the new API will help support the creation of "better services and driving experiences."

Here’s a list of the current data points and functionalities:

  • Vehicles: Vehicle information as horse power, color name, fuel type, number of doors and seats, model year etc.

  • Tires: Information about the tire pressure

  • Doors: Door status, functionality to lock/unlock doors

  • Location: Current geo-location of the vehicle

  • Odometer: Information about the mileage

  • Fuel: Current fuel level

  • State of charge: Current status of the battery pack (for electric vehicles)

Mercedes-Benz notes the Connected Vehicle API is not fully developed, but that it’s “already very close to the final version.”

You can read the documentation and find out how to get started with the API here.

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