Why app developers are not satisfied with their current ad revenues

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Only one in three app developers are satisfied with their in-app ad revenues, while fewer than one in five say they are satisfied with their collection from non-video ads.

That’s the key finding from Chocolate, with the video advertising vendor announcing its new App Developer Survey Report 2018, focusing on app monetisation. The report, which is based on responses from 102 app developers from 22 countries, provides comprehensive details about app developers' satisfaction with current ad revenues, perceptions towards ad mediation and impact of in-app video ads like rewarded videos in boosting ad revenues.

More than half of those polled (54%) said they were willing to try ad mediation – where requests are sent to multiple ad networks to fill unused slots – to boost their in-app revenues. Naturally, Chocolate offers such a tool itself.

Chocolate CEO Saurabh Bhatia said: “The survey report clearly states the fact that app developers are not satisfied with their current ad revenues and considering a majority of developers rely on ad-based monetisation as their primary source of revenue, there is a critical need of putting power back in the hands of app developers.

“Our ad mediation technology provides multiple demand sources in a programmatic environment layered with unified auction technology, ensuring no bias towards any ad network, thus, delivering the highest bid every time,” Bhatia added. “All this through a single intelligent SDK and a single sign-in, ensuring app developers spend no time managing multiple ad networks and maximum time at what they do best – creating fabulous apps.”

Another survey, from B2B research firm Clutch, reveals that the “freemium” model has outpaced all other monetisation strategies when it came to mobile app monetisation. More than 61% of app developers recommend a “freemium” model for mobile app monetisation, says the survey. It was also found that most successful mobile apps do not only need expert recommendations for monetisation strategies but also a holistic approach that extends beyond development.

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