Google moves Instant Apps closer to reality

Google moves Instant Apps closer to reality
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Google is furthering its vision to make Instant Apps, well, instant, with an update to its programming kit.

The issue with today’s instant Android apps is that Google has to load support for every possible device. With the number of Android devices available globally, many with very unique configurations, this can slow down the loading of the apps considerably.

Developers can now target specific device configurations with unique profiles. A device with a low-resolution screen, ARM chip, and German language, for example, will not have high-res assets, support for an Intel chip, and other languages delivered to it.

On average, Google believes this saves around 10 percent space and will translate to faster loading. This may not sound very much, but every second or so saved helps to get closer to Google’s vision for Instant Apps and gets users into your pride and joy quicker.

Better still, whereas previously a user required Android Orea to preserve data in their Instant App session, this is now available to all devices running Lollipop or newer.

Enabling all of this new functionality will require some manual work on your end. Find out more about how to enable it on Google’s official blog post here.

Do you plan on supporting the new Instant Apps functionality? Let us know in the comments.

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