LG opens its smart home platform to developers

LG opens its smart home platform to developers
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LG Electronics has opened its arms to developers, allowing them to access its smart home platform SmartThingQ.

This opportunity gives developers a chance to visit the dedicated website wherein they can apply for a partnership, which if successful, will let them enter the platform’s application programming interface (API).

Once the developers have access to the SmartThinQ API, their services and products will formally carry the “Works with SmartThinQ” branding. Moreover, their IoT devices will also be able to sync with the platform’s application, its AI speaker platform Smart Hub, and Smart Sensor products.

LG believes that new concepts can be utilised in its Smart Hub platform that provide natural language processing, voice recognition, and big data processing for the use patterns of home appliances. The company intends to have an open partnership, open platform, and open connectivity to develop the smart home ecosystem.

Reports suggest that many South Korean tech companies have been trying to implement more AI voice features into smart home products. It is interesting to note Samsung’s claims when it says that its entire home appliance line-up will have smart features, such as AI and voice recognition, by 2020.

Other South Korean tech firms such as Kakao and Commax are also developing AI smart home solutions in partnership. It is said that Kakao will provide development tools for its AI platform Kakao I so that developers can create their own services or products using the platform.

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