Twitter enables developers to embed ads into tweet streams

Twitter enables developers to embed ads into tweet streams
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A beta program is being rolled-out by Twitter which enables developers to embed advertisements into tweet streams in third-party apps on Android and iOS which utilise Twitter Kit. 

One example of a popular app which uses Twitter Kit to implement a social feed is the official NBA application. From today, developers which use Twitter Kit will be able to monetise those streams through advertisements which can be integrated within the feed in a native and subtle manner. In the case of the NBA, this could be a deal with a manufacturer selling basketball-related goods. 

Mollie Vandor, Senior Product Manager at Twitter, said: "This doesn’t just open up a new canvas for you to monetize; we’ve also taken care of all the ad rendering, so you don’t have to worry about performance or how to display the ads. Plus, we’ve made sure that ads match the theming and color preferences you set in Twitter Kit, so they fit the look and feel of your app." 

To get started, all developers need to do is set-up a native ad unit in MoPub and paste the ID into Twitter Kit. After which, Twitter should do the rest of the heavy-lifting and you should be free to monetise your embedded tweet stream on Android and iOS platforms. 

(Image: Adding MoPub to a Twitter Kit timeline – courtesy of Twitter

It's worth remembering the MoPub functionality is still in beta – so expect issues – but it seems to be a positive step in supporting third-party developers after Twitter annoyed many with the implementation of a token limit which reduced the number of users a third-party app could have. Twitter's move was seen to be a controversial attempt to drive users away from third-party clients and into using its official app where ads have been present now for quite some time. 

Check out Twitter's iOS and Android docs for more information. 

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