Take a page out Googles (Play)book with news app for Android developers

Take a page out Googles (Play)book with news app for Android developers
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Google has launched a news app called 'Playbook for Developers' which offers a centralised place for Android developers to stay updated with all the latest on the world's most popular operating system. 

After opening the app for the first time you'll have the option to personalise the content to your individual needs and interests. There are categories spanning a variety of topics including; design, analytics, development, games, monetisation, and more. 

Being a fairly global operating system, Android has developers of various languages. Playbook can be tailored for your country and language to ensure developers around the world can find the news and information available here useful. 

Interaction with the content is performed via the simple but effective 'swipe' model used in many applications. You can swipe left on stories to mark them as read, or share, save, or dismiss them. Videos, frustratingly, do not play in the app itself but will open the YouTube app instead. This breaks the seamless experience, which is a shame as the use of Chrome Custom Tabs enables quick loading of articles within the app. 

The dedicated 'Explore' tab will allow you to dive further into relevant areas of creating Android software. Naturally, you will start at 'Develop' before moving on to 'Launch' and then 'Earn' for tips on monetisation post-launch. For those in areas of poor signal – or who just travel a lot – most of the articles can be viewed offline. 

At launch, it seems most of the content will be coming from Google itself but this may change over time as the company partners with other useful blogs with relevant content. A progress bar has been implemented which fills up the more you read – a pleasant and engaging little touch. You can opt for notifications from the app to keep you in the loop about new content if you desire. 

Playbook has been in beta for the past six weeks, but you can now grab the final version on the Play Store here

Have you had the chance to give Playbook a try yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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