Red Hat, Codenvy and Microsoft team up for greater language integration

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Codenvy is collaborating with Red Hat and Microsoft in order to further open source development and the vision that anyone should be able to contribute to a project without software installation.

For Red Hat, Eclipse Che, an open source next-generation IDE platform for Eclipse, is a strategic tooling platform for their products and users. Eclipse Che has gained more than 250,000 downloads, 2,900 GitHub stars, 70 contributors and dozens of ecosystem extensions in six months.

As a result, Red Hat will ensure a substantial number of contributors and committers to the project on a full time basis. The company will focus on enhancements to workspace runtimes with a view to back orchestration and composition formats for workspaces and improving the edit / build / test lifecycle of container images from within the IDE. They will also develop stacks and templates for Red Hat products.

Microsoft has joined Codenvy and Red Hat in order to foster a community commitment to an open source programming language server protocol. The protocol will provide any IDE with programming language intellisense for any programming language. This protocol provides common access to important language functions like Jump To Definition or Refactoring. This ensures IDEs like Eclipse Che make use of a single editor that works universally with every language.

As of today, Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Eclipse Che are supporting the protocol with commitments to nine languages including C/C++, Go, R, JSON, TypeScript, C# (OmniSharp), RAML and XML. TypeFox has added Xtext DSL support for Eclipse Che. Red Hat is also committed to building an open source Java language server as part of the Eclipse Foundation.

Red Hat and Codenvy are also providing orchestrated container support with Docker Compose in Eclipse Che workspaces. The main innovation offered by Che is that a single workspace has its own containerised runtime, and includes all of its dependencies inside the container, including an IDE and the runtime stack needed to run project code. Red Hat and Codenvy are looking to ensure the development runtime is topologically identical to the production runtime so that developers are coding with a production-quality workspace.

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