Unity 5.6 beta includes support for Vulkan

Unity 5.6 beta includes support for Vulkan
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Game developers using the Unity game engine will now be able to deliver exceptional outcomes with the new Unity 5.6 beta – an improved version of the engine which includes improvements to graphics, with Metal Compute, Particle System, and GPU Instancing.

The beta version of the Unity game engine also supports the new Vulkan API, allowing Unity’s Personal Edition users to leverage Vulkan – a new generation graphics and compute API that provides highly-efficient cross-platform access to modern GPUs on desktop and mobile platforms.

Vulkan is designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores by allowing threads to run in parallel, allowing better speed with reduced driver overhead and CPU workload. This leaves the CPU free to function on additional computational activities or rendering.

Unity Technologies is also planning to introduce new features into its next beta version, which will include a new Progressive Lightmapper for baked lightmaps that will provide fast iterations and predictable ETA.

According to Unity: “Light modes are replacing mixed mode lighting, providing flexible, and efficient ways to merge baked and real-time shadows. This comes with the ability to bake shadowmasks, providing seamless “past real-time shadow distance" shadows. The result will be a high reduction in real-time shadow distance for increased performance. Real-time shadow fade-out has been added for every light type and rendering path”.

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