IBM integrates IoT platform with ARM to boost offering

IBM integrates IoT platform with ARM to boost offering
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IBM has integrated its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, known as IBM IoT Foundation, with ARM to allow customers to benefit from collection, analysis and decision-making with regard to data from devices such as industrial appliances, weather sensors and wearable monitoring devices. Developed on the SoftLayer infrastructure, the platform supports a range of fully managed, cloud-hosted offerings.

The IBM IoT Foundation provides security systems that protect IoT data and offer decision makers access to Bluemix, IBM’s platform as a service that controls flow of data. The platform is also equipped with analytics tools that can handle large amounts of data. IBM has also launched IoT for Electronics, targeting electronics manufacturers while providing data-collection capability and real-time analysis.

The IBM-ARM integration will ensure products running on ARM mbed-enabled chips are automatically registered with the IBM IoT Foundation, while boasting connectivity with IBM analytics services. The integration also offers alerts or other information to users while ensuring delivery of actionable events to control equipment. Customers benefit from enterprise-grade tools to make the best of their IoT devices.

The IoT now requires the big data capability of IBM and the little data capability of ARM to meet its potential

The integration of the IBM IoT Foundation at the chip architecture level is already benefiting original design manufacturers and OEMs. Electronics manufacturers are also making use of IBM’s cloud services to bring connectivity to appliances. Ionics vice president Earl Qua, said, “Working with IBM we have tapped into our respective company’s expertise to create a platform that is built and customised for the unique nature in which companies are utilising IoT.”

TP Vision Global Marketing Lead and Product Manager EMEA Philips Television, Marc Harmsen, said, “By using IBM IoT services, we are able to real-time manage and control Smart TV content in over 30 countries. This provides us the opportunity to continuously balance costs with increased customer experience.”

IBM Internet of Things general manager, Pat Toole, said the IoT now requires the big data capability of IBM and little data capability of ARM to meet its potential.

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