Nuance introduces Mix developer platform

Nuance introduces Mix developer platform
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The Nuance Mix platform enables developers to create customised speech experiences for wearables and other consumer electronics.

The platform was first launched through the Nuance Developers programme as a limited-release beta. It enables developers and device makers to create customised natural language and voice interfaces for the next-generation of IoT, including smart home, fitness, consumer health, robotics, and gaming applications.

Nuance Mix features a completely new natural language development tool. This tool, along with the company’s text-to-speech and voice recognition technologies, allows developers to use the web interface for creating natural language and voice models. Developers can create custom models within minutes.

Developers using this platform have the freedom to define their own parameters, concepts and use cases, and how consumers interact with their app or device via voice. Using these inputs, Nuance Mix is able to create an intelligent, customised natural language and speech model, instantly integrated into the developer’s device or app. This can help developers optimise the accuracy of their voice model and develop new end-to-end solutions.

Developers can also choose the level of support needed based on the customisation level of the model. They can engage with the company directly to meet their natural language and speech development, integration and design needs.

The platform offers an automated workflow that allows developers to roll back anonymised speech data into their models, thereby increasing accuracy.  It is an open platform with cross-platform and cross-operating system support via WebSockets and other open internet protocols. It offers developer kits for both Android and iOS, along with sample applications in Javascript, C, Python and other popular languages.

Mike Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile, said: “The rapidly evolving ecosystem of specialized devices and services for the IoT and Industrial Internet will be defined by the user experience – and the stakes are high in bringing these innovations into an incredibly competitive market.

“Nuance Mix gives developers and device makers the ability to quickly integrate Nuance’s trusted voice and natural language technology in just a few hours – and with the control and flexibility to make their experience unique and exceptional.”

You can find out more information about Nuance Mix here.

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