Huawei plans to launch HiLink SDK for IoT devices

Huawei plans to launch HiLink SDK for IoT devices
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Huawei is looking to grab a slice of the IoT pie, and has announced their intention to launch a protocol called ‘HiLink’ next year to control all your smart devices using a variety of communication technologies.

Planned to launch in Q2 2016, the HiLink protocol will make use of Zigbee, WiFi, and Bluetooth to make linking devices easier. HiLink will come with an SDK for developers to utilise, and Huawei even intends to open the source code for a dedicated operating system the company is building for the IoT. 

Huawei Lite OS has a lightweight and battery-efficient design, useful for devices which may not have access to a constant power supply, and has an ultra-fast startup time of just 700ms. 

Similar to Samsung’s SmartThings hub, Huawei says the HiLink router will understand requests and transcribe commands to a relevant device. A mesh WiFi network will connect routers together, and a single app will be available to control them all. 

Jerry Liu, Founder & CEO of Broadlink, said: Using their platform, within two days a traditional product can be turned into a smart platform. When Huawei takes the lead, we can increase market share. We are going to connect HiLink and LITE OS. We have access to 150+ Enterprises, and they will come on board with HiLink.” 

He continues: “Broadlink is a competitor in connectivity space – but we don’t want to fight – we want to improve the ecosystem across the board. HiLink will be the system that brings together the consumer giants together.” 

After launch, Huawei will launch a chipset along with a certification for capable devices which reads “HiLink Inside” to show compatible devices. The first devices are due to launch in Q3 2016, whilst Huawei itself aims to launch smart lighting and security products in Q4 2016. An initial partner of the project, Haier, will utilise their expertise to build products like the ‘Magic Mirror’ which can monitor your weight and health. 

Lily Li, General Manager of Haier’s Smart Home Technology division, said: “Not everyone will buy Haier devices. Working with partners like Huawei to create a smart home market and platform – if we can create a cross device and platform ecosystem – then we can create a community and increase our market across the board.” 

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