Applause updates its analytics tool with new features

Applause updates its analytics tool with new features
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Award-winning mobile analytics tool, Applause, has been updated with a range of new features and enhancements including the addition of global benchmarking. Along with the improvements to the tool’s abilities, a fresh new interface has also been debuted with this release. 

The company uses 175,000 real-world users in 200 different countries for its comprehensive form of app testing. Applause Analytics also now crawls more than 30 million apps and 500 million app reviews in iOS and Android app stores across eight countries to help transform customer voice into actionable insights to improve your applications. 

Roy Solomon, Applause Co-Founder and VP of Product Management, says: “Since its debut, Applause Analytics has been the only app store analytics tool that tells companies what users are thinking instead of just what they’re doing,” 

He continues, “With the enhancements we’ve made to the latest version, companies can now have an even more comprehensive view of user sentiment toward their apps and those of their competitors.” 

Through analysing tens of millions of reviews and ratings about an application – along with mentions from social media – the analytics tool is able to give each app an “Applause Score” across ten different built-in attributes. Users are also now able to add in their own categories which will be scored based on selected criteria. 

Heidi Young, Director of Data and Analytics for Applause, says: “Companies of all size now have access to a host of features unparalleled by other app store analytics products. These new features empower companies to easily understand and make informed decisions based on deep, rich data that no one else is providing. We’re crawling half a billion app reviews. And we’re just getting started.” 

Other new features included in the release; 

  • Revamped Interface – Serving up the right information at the right time to keep app owners at the center of their app quality universe. 
  • Activity Feed – It’s now easier for companies to stay up to date on how much applause their app and their competitors’ apps are getting. This feature displays information such as review swings, star changes and releases. 
  • Competitive Benchmarking – From auto-defining competitor apps based on similarities, to being able to track review sentiment and hits across key attributes, this enhanced feature enables companies to always know where they rank. 
  • Comparative Analysis – Users can take a dive deep across top competitors to see where they stand on a given day based on app store star rating, Applause score or review count. 
  • Apps Economy Overview – This brand new feature helps companies gather greater insight into what’s trending in specific app stores and what trends lead to success. 

If you haven’t heard of Applause you may have heard of (or used) ‘uTest’ which is what the company launched as in 2008 before a significant re-brand last year. The firm describes its products as “helping companies achieve the 360° app quality they need to thrive in the modern apps economy.” 

For more information about Applause, head here

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