Google (and Android) is getting a redesign and this is the “Quantum Paper” behind it…

Google (and Android) is getting a redesign and this is the “Quantum Paper” behind it…
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DeveloperTech predicted in April that the next version of Android will be getting a complete makeover much like Apple’s iOS 7. It wasn’t the most outrageous of claims, in fact it was rather obvious, but if you had any doubt left then Google’s internal framework for the company’s new design ethos across products has come to light…

Dubbed the ‘Quantum Paper’ framework, it details Google’s new design principles to unify the company’s design across Android apps and their giant web services. For an operating system to deliver a consistent experience, the apps must follow a similar ethos. Skeuomorphism from third party developers in iOS 7’s flat design just doesn’t work anymore.

Google is also going flat. In fact they have been before iOS 7 was released. Take Google Now for just one example. Arguably the new design rage was kicked off on the mobile even before this however by Windows Phone with its colourful, flat, Live Tiles. Who would have thought Microsoft would be pioneers of design and influence even design-experts Apple?

Leaked stock apps for an upcoming Android version have leaked including the calendar, dialer, and Gmail. One thing is for certain, the “Hamburger” UX is here to stay.

Hamburger is the three-lines found – generally in the left-hand corner – of applications which expands a list when pressed or “dragged” out. It’s a very love/hate UI element but one which has been picked up by developers in the masses even on iOS. In fact, Quantum Paper wants to be the unified design even on iOS (albeit through GoogleKit.)

Before this Android overhaul is rolled-out en masse to the public, Google will reportedly start introducing new elements from their Quantum Paper framework into their applications – as usual – in the lead-up to Google I/O. This supposedly also consists of a new search icon, toggle switch, and cluster icon.

Many of these can already be found in the Google+ app…

Quantum Paper could mark a huge departure not just for Android, but even for other platforms. I’m sure we’ll start to see the fruits of Google’s new design effort in their own applications leading up to I/O, but one thing is for certain, it can’t come any sooner!

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