Yahoo acquires PlayerScale, preparing “play” into gaming?

Yahoo acquires PlayerScale, preparing “play” into gaming?
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It’s been a month of acquisitions, releases, and revamps for Yahoo; as a huge push has been made to stay modern amongst fierce competition. The latest is of gaming infrastructure startup ‘PlayerScale’ – is Yahoo heading for gaming?

PlayerScale is a platform to provision cross-platform gaming; as well as deploying to nearly every major platform whilst handling monetisation and analytics data.

Incredibly popular amongst game developers, the company reports it serves over 100 million players spanning 4,000 various games.

Why does Yahoo want the company? That’s the big question we should all be asking. Personally, I believe it’s a “weapon in the arsenal” against rival service-company Google. The fairly recently appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer, of course, is an ex-Googler herself.

At Google I/O the company announced “Play Games”, its own play into the rising gaming market. An acquisition of a powerful BaaS (backend as a service) provider such as PlayerScale secures Yahoo some functionality; if they ever want to make a move into the industry.

They may well soon. Yahoo currently seem to want their hand in everything; from acquiring a Social Network in the form of Tumblr for $1.1 billion, to releasing well-praised apps such as Yahoo Weather, to updating their popular photo-sharing app Flickr.

Just the other day, in an article on Windows 8 app usage, I’d praised Yahoo Mail as being the “most engaging” app among users on the platform.

It looks like the company is heading in a great direction, and securing themselves the services needed to stay relevant; or least “play” when needed.

Do you think Yahoo’s future is exciting, or do you think the tech giant is a ‘dinosaur in sheep’s clothing’?

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