5 reasons to make an Android app as a marketing tool

In the digital age, we saw a boom in companies dashing to create websites for their companies and now, that marketing tool is being transferred to the app industry. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting your business mobile.

1: Consumers use apps to get the best deals

People are now more likely to compare prices and services via their app whilst out and about to see if the deal that you are offering is comparable to the rest of the market. By advertising your deals on your mobile app, you are more likely to secure a deal with your potential client.

2: Builds your audience and makes your company accessible

Mobile apps connect with the audience, they are accessible and popular. People are more likely to download your app than connect to your website.

3: Encourages social communication

What is important with an app is that they have the ability to send instant messages direct to social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. This social interaction allows your audience to spread your deals with their peers, giving you further free advertising without having to do anything.

4: Promotes word of mouth advertising

Leading on from the social media outlet, word of mouth marketing has been and will always be the strongest form of marketing any company can have. With the mobile app, the ability to share encourages word of mouth advertising.

5: Provide better customer support

Once your company is mobile, you have given your audience the ability to communicate with you from wherever they are, making your company more accessible and thus providing a higher level of customer service. The user is able to access information immediately, contact you via the app and seek out support at any given moment in time and from anywhere.

Mobile apps are certainly the way forward for all businesses. If your marketing department have yet to discuss a mobile marketing plan, make sure you bring it up in the next meeting and you can explain to them why you should make an Android app as a marketing tool for your company.

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