IBM ready to get serious about the API market

IBM ready to get serious about the API market
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At this year’s IBM Impact 2013 conference in Las Vegas; the second largest employer in the US unveiled an API Management Platform to extend the company’s huge software presence.

IBM offers software-orientated architecture (SOA) of which this latest platform is a part of; alongside delivering a MessageSight middleware appliance based on the company’s Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol.

Mike Riegel of IBM says about the MQTT protocol: “One of the big challenges for right now is that there is not a clear open standard for message communication with embedded systems.

“We know historically that unless you get to an open standard, it is not possible to drive the breakthroughs that are needed.”

He continued: “In much the same way that the HTTP standard paved the way for people sharing information through the World Wide Web, MQTT could set the stage for bringing online billions of low-cost, embedded data-collecting telemetry devices.”

This is all part of the rising “Internet of Things” concept; where all devices are connected to one another using their individual strengths to the benefit of all. Through support of this protocol, along with new APIs, IBM is positioning itself ready for the future.

The new API Management Platform consists of the Cast Iron Software which helps to integrate cloud applications; acquired by IBM in 2011, and the DataPower XML Integration appliance, acquired back in 2005.

Is IBM’s new platform a comprehensive solution? Is there more needed to be done to face the challenges of the future?

Be sure to check out the API strategies track at Apps World Europe 2013 in London on October 22 for more in-depth information on all the latest APIs and how to utilise them in your development.

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