Windows 8 devs bemoaning lack of ad money

Windows 8 devs bemoaning lack of ad money
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Many developers rely on in-app advertising to fund development; from initial release through to expansion. Windows 8 developers have been wondering, where has their ad revenue has gone?

The advertisements provided in both Windows 8 and mobile OS equivalent Windows Phone 8 is provided by pubCenter.

Since March 31 however, these ads are just not being displayed. Potentially apps which should be getting millions of impressions aren’t converting into cash.

So what’s happening? Despite many posts on the Bing support boards there is still no real answer. This situation needs to be taken more seriously by Microsoft; it is detrimental to many and could even cause a financial loss.

This sentiment is echoed by user ‘silverdollar’: “I used to have a good bit of impressions / day then it dropped to barely nothing last week and now we’re essentially at zero. I do only free apps so this is killing me! How am I even supposed to cover my Windows Azure costs let alone all the labour invested!”

Is anyone listening? Parker Fox, Ads-in-Apps Account Manager at Microsoft, posted: “I hear you all loud and clear. Your sentiment and comments are being seen and shared internally by the right people. I assure you all of us on the Windows 8 Ads in Apps team are working hard to improve monetization for our publishers. Once I have an update I can share, I’ll post back here ASAP.”

But already it’s not soon enough. Needless to say developers aren’t happy, and these are the people integral to the very success of Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform which is yet to win over the hearts of many users.

Already the Windows Store has spectacularly failed to meet internal expectations; Microsoft predicted 100,000 apps within the first 90 days, whilst 120 days later they were only at 65,000. Just a mere 35,000 oversight – bet someone in Redmond feels a bit ridiculous now.

Despite this fiasco, Windows 8 is actually now up to 3.84% in market-share. This still makes for a very small overall percentage; Windows 7 is still by far the most popular release at 44.72%

As the upcoming release of Windows “Blue” nears, it’s not expected this percentage will rise any further at this point. Blue, or 8.1, is thought to fix many of the complaints consumers have with the current release.

An anonymous developer is quoted as saying: “My past experience tells me that Microsoft expected to screw things up with the first version of Windows 8, just like with Vista. But they’re getting ready to release 8.1, which they’ll be pushing at Build.

“I expect this may very well help adoption, which in turn will help bring in advertisers. Again, though, I’m still annoyed at the way things are being handled now.”

How do you think Microsoft is handling this issue causing lack of funding for developers? Will it have an impact on Windows 8, and will the platform ever see success?

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