Samsung delivers two worlds with the Ativ Q

Samsung delivers two worlds with the Ativ Q
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Many customers who are looking for a powerful alternative to the iPad don’t know where to turn; they could go for an Android tablet which essentially features blown-up mobile applications, or go for Windows 8 with powerful software but limited mobile-optimised applications.

Now however they have a new choice, the Ativ Q.

This brand-new device unveiled at Samsung’s “Premiere Event” in London allows users to seamlessly switch between Windows 8 and Android at the touch of a button, in a pretty interesting form factor.

Four different “modes” are available; the display (3200 x 1800 resolution) can be: Laid flat over the keyboard as a Tablet, raised slightly upright for great typing, “float” the display for a superior viewing angle, or flip it completely into “stand mode” as a fantastic way of viewing videos.

Of course the interesting aspect is the OS (or OS’s as the case may be.) Both can operate independently of one another, but also cross file-systems.

For example – all of your professional Instagram photography editing can be transferred from Android to Windows 8; where it can be opened in the desktop version of Photoshop as the prompt realisation sets in there may be a bit more to learn about photo editing than an “earlybird” filter…

Let’s talk more about the hardware for you spec-junkies. At only 13.9mm thin it certainly is a winner in terms of thickness, especially for a device which runs full Windows 8 (not RT.)

The only problem some users may have is the Lablet (?) weights in at a fairly hefty 1290g (45oz.)

As for performance; Intel’s latest “Haswell” i5 processor is in for the ride offering nine hours of battery life, 4GB of RAM, 128GB internal SSD, 720p camera, and just about every popular port.

Samsung has given no solid release date just yet, other than will be available “later this year.”

Can any of you come up with some creative applications for utilising the best of both OS’s?

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