Psst, Google! Acquire Rockchip (and their multitasking software!)

Psst, Google! Acquire Rockchip (and their multitasking software!)
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You may have heard of Rockchip electronics; they are suppliers of powerful ARM-based processors to the Chinese market.

What you may not have heard – until now – they’ve also been getting into the software game; bringing multi-window support to Android tablets carrying their processors.

Back at CES in January, Rockchip showed off an early build of the software; demonstrating its ability to resize playing video and move it around the screen. Whilst this was cool, it was limited only to this functionality, and Samsung has since added a similar feature to their devices.

To differentiate; Chinese tablet manufacturer Chuwi has showed off a latest version of Rockchip’s software, in which any – including the built in applications – can be moved around and resized.

This makes Android even more powerful, and closer to a desktop operating system such as Windows or Linux. Whilst Google currently has no plans to take Android to the desktop (they have Chrome OS for that) users can have the same experience.

It even builds upon just resizing windows, and can “snap” to specific sizes such as ¼’s of the screen, or ½ (in homage to Windows 8) as well as a whole host of multi-touch gestures for control.

With so many companies on an acquisition-spree at the moment, if I were in Google’s shoes, I’d be snapping up the company and integrating their software into Android tablets by default in Android 6.0 Lemon Cake (fictitious.)

Although perhaps Rockchip would be so kind as to release the software for everyone soon enough, if anyone has the time to set up a petition, you can count on my signature?

What do you think about Rockchip’s software? Should Google add it to Android by default?

Update – Video of the software:

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