Are you getting full smartphone satisfaction?

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A study from OnDevice Research has revealed that Apple is starting to falter in terms of device satisfaction.

The study, which covers data from 93,825 US mobile users and 52,140 UK users, found that the top four phones in the US list were Android-powered, followed by the Apple iPhone 5.

Ahead of the iPhone 5 in terms of user happiness were in ascending order, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2; the HTC Rezound 4G; the Motorola Droid Razr M; and at the top, the distinctly low-budget Motorola Atrix HD.

This may come as something of a surprise, but overall Apple is at the top for smartphone satisfaction, collecting an average score of 7.72. Google (7.68), Motorola (7.49), HTC (7.40) and Nokia (7.40) rounded off the top five, with Samsung trailing on 6.15.

Perhaps not surprisingly, 4G ready devices were the most popular, with the five most satisfying devices all carrying 4G. Similarly, US users see having 4G as a boon for operators, scoring 4G-carrying operators higher (7.15) than those without an LTE subscription (6.67).

In terms of UK data, the iPhone 5 came second in the list, behind the HTC One X; given that Everything Everywhere is the only UK 4G carrier of course, there’s fewer competition in that regard.

But again, this may be more evidence that Apple is ceding more ground to Android in the smartphone wars.

It’s not just user satisfaction either., an outsourcing marketplace, totted up the number of jobs on its website earlier this month and found that the number of Apple iOS jobs had gone down, for the first time in the report’s history.

There were 5298 Apple jobs on the Freelancer market, a downturn of 3.8%, compared with Android’s 4282 jobs – a 7% increase.

The full results can be found here. Is there anything more important to you in a phone than device satisfaction?

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