Amazon’s API update offers innovative monetisation

Amazon’s API update offers innovative monetisation
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Whilst Amazon is getting more immersed into their own hardware, software, and incredible cloud capabilities; at their forefront – the company is still the world’s largest online retailer.

This brings unique advantages in what the company can offer to not only consumers, but also developers…

The firm is expanding its advertising opportunities through the launch of its Mobile Associates API. This addition to Amazon’s portfolio will be available across their own products including the Kindle Fire, as well as other Android-based devices.

By offering a more in-depth affiliate scheme; both parties are set to gain. Mike George, the vice-president of Amazon Appstore, Games and Cloud Drive, gave this example: “Imagine, a developer of a nutrition and fitness app can now offer their customers the ability to purchase vitamins, supplements and fitness gear within the app – directly from”

He continues: “It offers the customer a more relevant experience and provides a new source of revenue.”

It’s exciting how the company is moving retail to the digital world. As part of the video application found on Kindle Fire; users can tap actors’ faces using a feature called “X-Ray” which will then display more information about that person – as well as links to buy more of their films.

Imagine an update where you could tap anything to buy instantly? Like that table set? It’s just a tap away. Like that chair in Game of Thrones? Well, you might be stuck on that one.

There is already significant interest within the development community for this new opportunity. For example; Days of Wonder, which makes digital and physical board games such as ‘Ticket to Ride’, will give away a copy of a board game within the digital game.

Whilst great for developers, it’s even better news for Amazon. Already the company’s revenues from advertising have been soaring according to research firm eMarketer; estimating Amazon took in $610 million (£393.1 million) last year, up 45.5 per cent from 2011.

So what’s happening with the closest rival, Facebook? Apparently the Social Network is running scared. The house that Zuckerberg built is stopping all sales of physical goods, except gift cards. Sales have been lacklustre at best, and certainly no match to Amazon’s physical retail prowess.

Will you be using Amazon’s latest API release to help monetise your app development?

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