Eyes are on WWDC as Apple’s stock drops

Eyes are on WWDC as Apple’s stock drops
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One of the most highly covered companies in news, rumours, and spectacular leaks, Apple is currently in a lull of new products amidst disappointment in latest software updates.

Stocks in the company relate this by shares heading down for the first time, so all eyes are currently on WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) with the latest rumours surrounding the new Apple OS, iOS 7.

It’s been a disturbing time at Apple during Tim Cook’s tenure. Alongside the ‘Maps’ fiasco resulting in termination of long-serving software engineer Scott Forstall and replacement this year by Sir Jonny Ive, the pioneer of hardware which accompanies the fantastic design seen by Apple products.

Many fans of the company are hoping Ive’s new appointment will relate to an improved, flattened iOS7, bringing across some of his accustomed minimalism (removing skeuomorphism) alongside improved features to stay competitive and different from rival OS, Android.

This process takes time, especially the significant rehaul expected from iOS which hasn’t changed its base design since 2007.

Of course this is a plus for many; it is a very simplistic interface that anyone can pick up. Making it modern and exciting again whilst preserving this accessibility is not a task anyone would particularly envy.

In fact it appears iOS7 is running behind schedule, and John Gruber from Daring Fireball believes Apple has pulled software engineers from its Mac OS team to work on the latest iteration.

Despite this delay, it seems the annual S-moniker will be making a timely appearance with the ‘iPhone 5S’ featuring a usual “spec bump.” Rumours point at a July release alongside an upgraded screen, although doubtful this will be a 1080p display found in many of the latest handsets.

How high is the anticipation for WWDC? Enough that tickets for the June 10 event sold out in two minutes. With 275,000 registered iOS Developers in the U.S, only 5,000 get the “golden tickets” to attend.

Clearly everyone has their expectations; developers want to know about the future of both iOS and Mac, whilst consumers want new products.

On the product side, Tim Cook signalled at a conference call last Tuesday: “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014”, so for brand-new hardware, it may be a wait.

How is Apple’s current situation in your eyes, failing or exciting? Do matters get blown out of proportion, or are there issues which need resolving across software, hardware, and WWDC?

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