RAD Studio XE4 released to aid multi-device development

RAD Studio XE4 released to aid multi-device development
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Embarcadero Technologies has unveiled RAD Studio XE4, its solution for native, multi-device app development.

The software will help create apps for PCs, tablets and smartphones; helping ease the process of developing for each individually.

Most developers want to write applications which run directly on the device hardware for speed, reliability, more control, and better security. Many who develop cross-platform choose to use an interpretive layer for ease; saving time writing natively for a whole other device.

This new software allows management of a single codebase, and is “built for developers by developers” increasing trust that this is an informed solution worth looking into.

Many applications follow the current trend of switching to the Web as a solution but decide to turn back, a case well-documented by LinkedIn who “dumped HTML5 and went native for its mobile apps.”

The new software is packed with features including;

  • Full application framework for iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X, with support for Android coming soon
  • Full visual designer for iOS, Mac, and Windows user interfaces with multiple device types, resolutions, and orientations
  • iOS native styled user interface controls and native services such as motion and camera sensors and Geo location, sharesheet, and notification services
  • Local database support for SQLite, IBLite, and InterBase Embedded ToGo
  • Built-in Multi-tier Enterprise connectivity for Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, InterBase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, SOAP and REST services and more

Gary Barnett, principal analyst at Ovum, described the announcement as “exciting” and added: “Developers can create multichannel apps that are truly native for each platform, and do it using one code base in a single development environment”.

If you’re a developer currently salivating at the idea, Embarcadero is currently offering a free trial available for download.

Does Embarcadero Technologies’ new software help solve your development problems?

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