Eclipse report shows developers prefer to target Android

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The latest Eclipse Open Source Developer Report has found that mobile app development is gaining increased prominence, with developers slightly favouring Android over iOS as the target for their apps.

“Android and Apple iOS continue to dominate as the key platforms,” said Ian Skerrett, Eclipse director of marketing, though adding: “It is a bit more surprising that more developers are not using cross-platform networks”.

43% said overall that they had developed a mobile application, compared to the 24% who had no intention of doing so; 20% of those surveyed said that they had developed apps for both external and internal users.

Elsewhere the report, which collated 732 completed surveys from the Eclipse developer community, found that Java continues to dominate all other programming languages and that Subversion is the primary source code management (SCM) tool.

76% of those who responded said they typically used Java, compared to C/C++ (7%) and PHP (5%).

Subversion was still the most popular SCM with nearly half of those surveyed using it, yet Eclipse notes that Subversion “continues to decline”. Git and Github has taken advantage of this decline “clearly showing momentum”, with 27% of those polled using that SCM compared to 13% the year before.

Among other traits, Macs continue to increase as the software developer’s desktop OS of choice yet is still well behind Windows and Linux.

Mac OSX increased incrementally from 6.9% in 2009 to 12% this year, yet these figures are still nowhere near Linux (32.5%) and Windows (55%). However, developers’ use of Windows fell 8% from this time last year.

The report also detailed the habits developers had in terms of their motivation for participating in open source projects, with a “sense of responsibility”, in that they like to give back and support open-source, the primary reason for participating (54%).

Are you surprised at the number of developers who have no intention of building a mobile app? Would you prefer to target the Android or iOS platform?

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