Mozilla web app store to open for submissions

Mozilla will throw open the doors on its app store for developers to submit their web apps next week at Mobile World Congress, ahead of a consumer launch later this year.

Mozilla Marketplace will build on existing web technologies like HTML5 and its own proposed APIs, the company said on Wednesday.

Earlier this week the firm hinted that it was planning to announce a number of partnerships on its eagerly anticipated new Boot to Gecko mobile OS in Barcelona next week. “B2G is partnering up,” tweeted the form’s CTO Brendan Eich. “More at MWC.” Yesterday t was rumoured that a partnership with Deautsche Telekom could be on the cards…

The not-for-profit aims to challenge the dominant platforms closing the technology gap between web and native apps, and providing developers with an avenue to build and release apps that can run across multiple devices and platforms.

“The Web is the largest platform in the world. We are enabling the Web to be the marketplace, giving developers the opportunity to play on the biggest playing field imaginable,” said Todd Simpson, Mozilla’s Chief of Innovation. “By building the missing pieces, Mozilla is now unlocking the potential of the Web to be the platform for creating and consuming content everywhere.”

The company promises that developers will enjoy open and flexible billing options; and says the “write once, deploy everywhere” nature of the platform will reduce the cost of creating, versioning and maintaining applications.

The Mozilla Web Apps platform will feature:

  • The Mozilla Marketplace, the first operating system- and device-independent market for apps based on open Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • New Mozilla-proposed APIs that advance the Web as a platform and will be submitted to the W3C for standardization.
  • A new identity system for the Web that puts users in control of their content, tying apps to the user and not the device or platform.

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