New tool to connect Smart TV with mobile launches

A new tool for software developers allowing them to create convergent apps that bring together Smart TVs and smart phones or tablets has been released.

The MOVL Connect Platform, the latest offering from Atlanta-based technology company, MOVL, allows various devices to communicate in a shared experience and supports the creation of multi-user, multi-screen applications such as multiplayer games, second-screen TV experiences and interactive advertising.

The tools can either be directly connected or hosted in the cloud. Direct Connect is for local low latency games and applications while Cloud Connect uses MOVL Connect’s cloud infrastructure.

In addition, the cloud-based service means developers need not provide dedicated servers and bandwidth to keep the connections flowing and the tool is able to handle any number of users interacting with the system at the same time.

“We have created a simple process for developers,” said Alan Queen, CTO of MOVL. “Download the APIs, get an app key, and you are ready to go. Your applications in different devices are now connected. We currently support Samsung Smart TVs, Google TV, HTML 5, Facebook, iOS, Android, Flash and JavaScript, with many more coming soon.”

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