New Blackberry service provides enhanced analytics for developers

Blackberry has released a new free Analytics service, to help app developers find out how their apps are being found and used.

Powered by webtrends, the Blackberry Analytics Service 1.0 is available for Java-based apps, enabling developers to get an insight into whether their app is being used the way they intended.

The reports it generates provide insight on how users are engaging with apps, allowing developers to enhance user experience in order to drive more downloads, learn how to market their apps more effectively, and be better able to detect issues as they arise rather than waiting for feedback.

It can generate up to 20 different reports, around various app performance metrics, screen views, users per day, time of use and more. It also provides information on how users are finding apps, enabling developers to make tweaks to optimise their apps’ performance in search results.  

“This service is available to any developer of Java®-based apps for BlackBerry® smartphones at no charge for up to 25,000,000 server calls per month,” said the Blackberry Developer Blog. “BlackBerry Analytics enables you to collect and analyze data on how your apps are being used.”

For more information, or to download the Analytics service, visit the Blackberry website.

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