Developers can create apps with EMI sandbox

Developers can create apps with EMI sandbox
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EMI Music and The Echo Nest have announced a partnership to give application developers the chance to get involved with music and related content.

The collaboration will create and manage ‘sandboxes’ for developers to access music content and information, in order to build apps around artists, music, videos and artwork.

Developers will register for an API key and submit app concepts and ideas. Once approved, the app will be released by EMI, whilst the intellectual property will still be retained by the developers.

Both free-with-ads and paid-for apps will be made available for the web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

EMI’s executive VP for strategy and insight, Jim Brady, said that the team are excited about the partnership, and said: “We’ve looked at how best we can improve the process of creating new music applications and the OpenEMI sandbox we have built together as a result is a fantastic resource for tapping the passion and innovation of the best developers in the world.”

The initiative will provide a more efficient way to incorporate music into apps, after a survey of 10,000 developers found that the main problem behind them not working with music content was the difficulty over music licensing.

Jim Lucapichese, CEO of Echo Nest, said: “Application developers are the future of the music business — they are the creative architects reshaping the role music plays in our lives.”

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