Zeebox offers new social TV platform for app developers

Zeebox offers new social TV platform for app developers
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A new dual-screen app that links TV and social media together has been released, offering developers a chance to add to the service and advertisers to provide direct routes to products.

Created by Anthony Rose, the man behind BBC’s iPlayer, Zeebox combines live programme information and real-time viewing figures, whilst having access to social networks.

Its API will be open for developers to add apps to its code that are specifically created for the Zeebox platform.

Advertisers are also able to include on-screen links to products and brands that are featured in programmes, and correspond them to marketing materials within the app.

Zeebox changes the experience of watching TV, letting users connect Facebook accounts to Zeebox in order to share viewing information with friends and invite them to ‘watch something’ with them.

You have access to programme-related tweets, whilst the ‘Zeetags’ chat box provides information on any topic that is mentioned during the programme. The app also acts as a remote control when used with a Smart TV.

Co-founder of Zeebox, Ernesto Schmitt, said: “Like Facebook is the platform built around social, and FourSquare is theplatform built around location, Zeebox is the platform built around TV,” added co-founder Ernesto Schmitt.

The release of Zeebox is a fundamental part of the growth of TV and social media. A study by Zeebox earlier this year found that 57% of 4,800 13-65 year olds use social networks whilst watching TV. This shows that it’s a prime time for developers to get involved with Zeebox, as figures are expected to grow after its release.

“In many ways the last 10 years have fundamentally shaped how we all expect to consume entertainment, and that’s often driven by technology,” Schmitt continued. “Technological change is driving fundamental consumer change. But TV has remained unchanged since the 1970s. That struck us as untenable.”

Also available as a web app, it will be released for the iPhone by Christmas, along with other operating platforms next year.

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