Today’s tutorial: How to rig Android benchmarks – Courtesy of Samsung and HTC

How do you make your handset stand out in today’s highly competitive market? Rig your benchmark results of course! That way - on paper at least - your latest smartphone appears to blow away rivals.

Should you have any moral issues? Not since it appears to be the industry standard.

It's undeniable Samsung has driven innovation in processors; for years even supplying them for Apple’s range of iDevices.

The Exynos 5 processor is an Octa-Core, but...

Petition for devs desperate for HTC to release code earlier

A petition on is asking for HTC to alter its policy on kernel source code releases.

The issue arises from the fact that while HTC has started to release unlock codes, the lack of a source code for up to four months after is something of a stumbling block, especially for developers who need to rely on custom ROMs.

“[HTC] seem[s] to not care when it comes to how long after an update is pushed or a phone is released that it takes them to release their source...

Developer programme and SDK for sense from HTC

HTC has thrown its hat into the ring of handset manufacturers looking to tempt developers into creating apps specifically for its devices, announcing its plans for a developer programme to be launched alongside as SDK for its Sense user interface.

The firm says that will launch this summer, featuring access to an extensive extensive resource library of tutorials, best practices, documentation and support.

A user feedback channel will also be included, said HTC,...